Aug 31

New Antenna System for HF

Previously I used a doublet antenna for 10/20m coaxial fed..
This antenna works fine, but the biggest disadvantage was changing wire antennas between 40m and 10/20m..

So I deciced to give a Symmetrical system a try.

I have bought a second hand Vectronics HFT-1500 tuner from a fellow ham, printed some clamps and a centerpiece for a ladderline fed dipole..

Drilled 2 holes for threaded rod into my windowframe.


The max length of the dipole legs are 8.5m, and I can tune 40 and up with ease.
I can not notice any performance drop compared to my old antenna, I even think this system slightly works better.

Some pictures of the new situation:


hft1500tuner 2016-08-10 21.03.18 2016-08-10 21.03.44 2016-08-10 21.09.19 2016-08-15 22.36.46 DSC03751t

Jul 10

IC-7300 and IARU Contest!

Hi all, this weekend will be the first contest this year for me, and whats special about it, It will also be the first contest with my new IC-7300!.

Today the 10th of July I have worked about 10hrs nonstop with this little gem.
I can really say it is holding up great!, excellent reception all across the crowded bands..
My favorite thing in contests Is poking out the weaker stations between the loud stations.
Comparing this experience with my Pro3 is WOW, I have absolutely less problems getting the weak stations out.
What is also great about this radio, is the REALTIME spectrum scope/waterfall.. this gives a totally other dimension compared to other radio’s I have worked with, like the IC-756Pro3/FT-2000/IC-7700/IC-7800 I have worked with in the past. The are somewhat not realtime.
This realtime scope gives you a complete new fealing working DX and Contests.

Bed time now, up to the next shift early tomorrow!


Some screenshots during the contest.

20160709_135801 20160709_152910 20160709_194209 20160709_210400

Jun 25

New Fieldday antenna arrived! The FoldingAntenna!

Last week my new fieldday antenna arrived!

The FoldingAntenna! from

Simply said, Its a Hex beam but foldable.
The slick part of it, You can fold it up to a size that it fits in a bag, and store it.
When going on a fieldtrip, take out the bag, and antenna.. unfold it.. errect the mast, and voila. in less than a hour you are QRV!, Well…. that is the idea… 🙂

Anyways, the kit arrived, and my specially made 7 meter long telescopic mast too.

Time to build!

foldant1 foldant2

More later on!


Jun 12

KITE operation on 2M PI4WFL/KITE

There sometimes are evenings that the weather is perfect, and also a lot of propagation!, June 6th 2016 was such day.

Big propagation towards the UK, and just enough wind to airborne the kite. perfect!

Frank PA1FP brought his Sanjo Kite and radio equipment.
The radio equipment consists of a Kenwood TH-78E and a 7 element stacked J-Pole for 2m.
The handy is put in repeater mode.
The link towards the groundstation from the kite is made on 70cm.

People present at the location where Paul PB7WQ, Edwin PA7EW, Frank PA1FP, Bjorn PD5DJ, Jesper PA2AW, Karel PD8KB, Jo PD1JO, Benno PE4BEN

We mostly airborne the kite from the location Berkhout JO22LP

That evening we made lots of contact with the UK and one Scottisch station.

Here some pictures and video from that evening 🙂

Where were active on FM 145.325MHz with the call PI4WFL/KITE
All logs were uploaded to PI4WFL

Operators where: Jesper PA2AW and me Bjorn PD5DJ

20160606_195527 20160606_195952 20160606_200432



Jun 08

New Rig arrived!, The Icom IC-7300

For a long time I was looking for a compact modern HF transceiver that was equiped with an ofcourse Auto Tuner, Spectrum scope, 100W output, and more importand, a fully functional Voice Keyer with Repeat function!
And pre-recorded CQ voice messages.

Thats where the IC-7300 got my attention. It just does all of the above! wow!

I have played with the rig for a small week now, and I am flabbergasted about its performance so far.
For a long time I became used to my ICOM IC-756PRO3, and got most out of it performance wise.
Excellent reception, and also payed lot of attention to the transmission side, Excellent Crisp Clear audio for DX/Contest operation.

This little beast does this all with ease..

The listening experience is like all Icom radios I have had in the past, just relaxed.
For the microphone part, I have always been a fan about Heil microphones.
Connected is the Heil Pro-Elite IC headset.
I have getting the same excellent radio reports with this rig, as like my Pro3.

Ofcourse there are some cons.

  1. the small headphone jack..
  2. 1x Antenna output
  3.  Missing a Quick memory read and write buttons like the pro3 and others..
    If you are used to this like in a contest, you wil really miss this.
    But hey, I just have this beast for a little week now.. maybe there are still some functions that have to be discovered 🙂
    And then  a couple of days later I found out how the new function button MPAD works! 🙂


Jun 02

Great QRP QSO with my friend YBØIBM with the McHF Transceiver!

Tonight I made a really solid QSO with my Friend from Jakarta, YBØIBM Daud!

For the QSO I used my McHF SDR QRP Transceiver, with approx 8W output on my 20m wire dipole.

I have made a recording of our QSO

Jun 02

Playing with the latest firmware for the MCHF!

Hi all,

I have recently took my mchf off the shelf, and started playing with it again..

Still this is one really funny radio :).

While playing with it.. i was wondering if there was new firmware available. and yes there was..
Not some minor bug fixes, but complete new implemented functions..

The most important of all was the newly implementd code for controlling the mchf via CAT, and furthermore,, A software implemented USB Audio interface!!!

This led to many new ways to use the MCHF, like for instance DIGI MODES!!!!!

I got up, installed the needed drivers, and hooked it up to HamRadio Deluxe, adjusted the serial port, and Audio in and outputs, And I was ready to go!

And this is the result!

I would really like to thank Andreas DF8OE and Clint KA7OEI and others for their excellent achiefment in building this firmware..

Ofcourse also big thanks to Chris M0NKA for starting this project!

May 16

PI4WFL joined Mills on the air 2016!

Last weekend on the 14th of May 2016, some members of our club PI4WFL joined hands togheter and participated with Mills on the air 2016!

Check out the MOTA page:

May 07

New filaments arrived to print!

Last week I received a lot of new PLA filaments and colors to print with.

Woodfill, Bronze, Copper, Silver and a lot of PLA colors. 🙂

Now to find some time to experiment with them.

Apr 28

New 3D Printer finished

Today I finalized my latest 3D printer.

Althoug it is an exact copy of my other MendelMax printer, latest Marlin Firmware is working excellent with the current hardware.

2 Days of fine tuning the hardware and the software both printers are up to date for the latest added software/hardware features.
Next week I will be busy adding Filament empty alarms and Filament Width sensors.

At this moment the status lights are also added to the printer.
2016-04-24 18.37.23

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