My 3D Printing History

Hi all,

I like to tell you a bit about my 3D printing history..


In the early months of 2014 I have decided to purchase a 3D printer, with the little knowledge at that time I decide to buy a completly build 3D printer.
At that time my collegue already had a Robo3D R1 printer and had pretty good results with it.

So I decided to dive into 3D printing and ordered a Robo3D R1 printer.

Some Months got by and Idecided to build my own 3D printer.
I was looking for a really robust design.

Then I found the Mendelmax 1.5 design with extrusion profiles.

From my experience with the Robo3D and things I like about the Robo3D I merged it into the MendelMax 1.5 design.
After designing I have started printing out all parts needed for the MendelMax with my Robo3D printer 🙂


April 2016

The amount of printing parts became more and more, Therefore I have decided to build a new printer..
Again the proven design, MendelMax 1.5 with a bit of PD5DJ flavor 🙂

Stil waiting for some electronic parts to arrive.



Electronics arrived!

2016-04-24 18.37.23