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Nov 17

PI6HLM Live on YouTube!

Now possible to view a live stream of the Dutch ATV repeater PI6HLM Located in the Alticom Tower of Haarlem

Dec 04

AAI N1201SA Vector Impedance Analyzer

Recently I bought a very handy tool for measuring all my antennas and  “filters” up to 2.7GHz! Its an new Vector Impedance Analyzer for the company AAI, there are 3 versions of this analyzer, the one I bought is the N1201SA.. Specifications:   – Model: N1201SA – Working currency  140MHz~2700MHz – Stepped frequency  1kHz – …

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Nov 23

Projects added!

I have finaly found some time to document some recent projects! You can find them on the project pages

Nov 12

13cm S-Band System added to my satellite mast

Today I finished the 13cm S-Band Project It consist of my newly build 13cm 34 Turn Helical Antenna in combination with the Icom AG-2400 that I previously renovated.  

Nov 11

New 13cm S-Band Antenna

Today I have finished a new antenna for S-Band downlinks.. Since the antenna has to go on the satellite mast, and there is not much room for a dish, I decided to start off with a Helical antenna. I have build several in the past, and took the design from VE2ZAZ Back in 2005-2007 I …

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Nov 08

Portable Satellite system

This project is from a couple of years ago, begin 2014. Most of our fieldday trips are HF or sometime oc’casionally VHF related.. But I wanted something new to bring to with me with these trips.. So I thought, Why not build a portable Satellite system! So I did 😉 Well I did but I …

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Nov 04

Rotator Interfaces, and Android App

Some time ago, I have made a “blackbox” version of my Rotator Interface.. I used that interface to controll a satellite setup on fielddays.. Just PC control over bluetooth. Last night, I’ve implemented the “blackbox” commandset to my regulator interface software.. Although the connection of the interface is only possible via USB (RS232), I have …

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Nov 04

Polarisation Switchbox (Temporarily)

For my X-Yagi’s I have made a simple switchbox that switches between Horizontal and Vertical polarisation. For regular transponder work this is enough, because you switch between the outermost polarisation difference.. Difference between Horizontal and RHCP/LHCP is just 3dB, same for vertical.. But the difference between Horizontal and Vertical is 30dB! If you are listening …

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Oct 23

New Satellite Antennas

After finishing my rotator interfaces, I have started with designing and building my satellite antennas. First of all, I am restricted to a maximum 2m boom due the placing of the satellite mast, near de edge of the roof. Now looking for a basic design that fits on a 2m boom. Started gathering information on …

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Oct 20

Complete Station changeover! Back to SATS!

Hi all, It has been some while ago since my last posting, but lot has changed here. Several months now I am facing big QRM on HF, lots of PLC and other QRM is killing my HF pleasure 🙁 The Telecom Agency has been here 3 times searching for all these unwanted QRM, but with …

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