Nov 11

New 13cm S-Band Antenna

Today I have finished a new antenna for S-Band downlinks..

Since the antenna has to go on the satellite mast, and there is not much room for a dish, I decided to start off with a Helical antenna.

I have build several in the past, and took the design from VE2ZAZ

Back in 2005-2007 I had good experience with this helical design, so I did not hessitate and started to build one again.
Only with some more Turns, to be precise 34 turns.. (That is what you max get from a roll of 5m 6mm2 wire from the store 🙂
Theoretical gain of 19dBI

After building this helical, I have set it up for testing, and the SWR was good enough 1/1.3 on 2400MHz 🙂 so no tuning needed further here..

Checkout my project page for more information about this antenna: 13cm S-Band Helical Antenna


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  1. Trevor PA2TG

    Very impressive construction and glad you have good results from it. One question – I don’t know your QTH well but how does it fare under any flocks of pigeons [duiven] that may leave a couple of the birds ‘resting’ on the antenna? Here at my QTH I use a pair of 48-ele Yagis for 13cms but each element is (a) short and (b) supported, of course and they’re in my Versatower 3-section mast. I have a lot of birds in the area and I haven’t got a high enough QRO to microwave the pigeons for dinner [!] – hence the question?

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