Nov 08

Portable Satellite system

This project is from a couple of years ago, begin 2014.

Most of our fieldday trips are HF or sometime oc’casionally VHF related..

But I wanted something new to bring to with me with these trips..

So I thought, Why not build a portable Satellite system!

So I did 😉
Well I did but I had just 2 months to build all before the first fieldtrip started in May that year

The system consisted of the following parts..

  • Portable mast – Homebrew
  • Antenna Rotating system (KR400/KR500)
  • X-Yagi 2m – Homebrew
  • X-Yagi 70cm – Homebrew
  • Polarisation switchbox – Homebrew
  • Antenna Tracker/Interface – Homebrew

As I build many antennas in the past, the Yagi’s I build at the latest minute, but I did try a new element mounting method that I wanted to try for a long time, specially for field days.

For the Antenna tracker I wanted to try something new, I did not want to make another ordinary tracker hooked up via USB or Serial cable to the PC.
No I wanted to just the Phone or Tablet to control it via Bluetooth!
I Just started playing with programming Android apps, So I though “why not combine it!?”


Overview of the complete Antenna system consisting of an VHF X-Yagi 6-El, and a UHF X-Yagi 10-El



Closeup of the switchbox, consisting of 2x CX-120D relaysportasat2


Detailed overview of the antenna construction, note all elements except the Radior are mounted thru the boom.
I have CNC drilled holes thru Nylon bolts where the elements are fixed in.

With a simple nut mount method you can quickly assemble and disassemble the antenna.

portasat3 portasat4


And this is the app, At the moment we speak the app is totally revised.
As you can see, no manual controls at the Control box, just bluetooth connected to phone/tablet or PC.

On my Netbook I had SatPC32 running with Bluetooth connection, worked like a charm!


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  1. Mario

    Nice app ! Does it directly use the Yaesu protocol to control the rotator ? Just wondered if it would be possible to route the commands via network interface in order to control the rotator via WLAN…?

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