Nov 04

Rotator Interfaces, and Android App

Some time ago, I have made a “blackbox” version of my Rotator Interface..
I used that interface to controll a satellite setup on fielddays..
Just PC control over bluetooth.

Last night, I’ve implemented the “blackbox” commandset to my regulator interface software..

Although the connection of the interface is only possible via USB (RS232), I have found a workarround to get the interface connected with bluetooth 🙂

This Bluetooth interface the HC-06 is connected to a USB-Serial TTL board. To my PC..


For most Serial devices like CAT control, and my Rotator Interfaces, I use a progam called VSPE.
This program is capable of creating virtual serial ports, and split ports, and even redirect ports.

For Example:

My Rotator interface is active on COM3

I have created a splitter with a Virtual Port on COM13

So multiple programs can connect to COM13 simultaniously, and VSPE directs all traffic from and to COM3

Now my Bluetooth/USB combination is active on COM16

In VSPE I have created a Serial Redirection

COM13 is redirected to COM16 and visa versa..

Now when my Android device is connecting the Bluetooth module, it opens up COM16, redirects it to COM13, and the splitter will connect it to COM3..


And when all is setup and running. this is what my Android app will do with my Rotator Interfaces 😉

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