Nov 04

Polarisation Switchbox (Temporarily)

For my X-Yagi’s I have made a simple switchbox that switches between Horizontal and Vertical polarisation.

For regular transponder work this is enough, because you switch between the outermost polarisation difference..

Difference between Horizontal and RHCP/LHCP is just 3dB, same for vertical..
But the difference between Horizontal and Vertical is 30dB!

If you are listening with a regular yagi, you will notice a big drop in signal during the pass, If you could switch the polarisation you WILL hear the difference ;-).

I regular have passes that are not hearable for example on Vertical, and S9 on horizontal 😉

My polarisation box consists of 2x Thotsu CX-140D relays, With RG-223 coaxial cables.. and N-Connector Flanges..
The remote is quite simple.. just 2 switches that switch them on or off.




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    You say your experienced then why would you want to do this, what’s the hurry with a compression fitting, this doesn’t even sound right. Why not just turn the water off and cut the pipe, and then solder a new fitting on? Why are you doing all this to start with?

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