Oct 20

Complete Station changeover! Back to SATS!

Hi all,

It has been some while ago since my last posting, but lot has changed here.

Several months now I am facing big QRM on HF, lots of PLC and other QRM is killing my HF pleasure 🙁

The Telecom Agency has been here 3 times searching for all these unwanted QRM, but with no luck “yet”, but my case is not closed yet.

Anyways no time to sit still and do nothing! 🙂

Winter is coming, and homebrew season has started here!

So I thought “Why not move up!”

Up has now 2 meanings :), Up in Frequency, and Up in working Satellites again!

For that I needed to modify A LOT! to my station..

First of all, I neede a Azimuth and Elevation Rotator, (I didnt want to loose my “big” mast rotator so bought a second hand refurbished one from a well know radio amateur Karel van Puijenbroek (PD2BNH/ON2KP) he does excellent refurbishing in many brand know rotators.
I still had my Elevation rotator, so that one came on top of this new rotator.

Also I needed a new Rotator interface, Since the old one is used to drive my “big” mast, I needed a second one, dedicated just to the Satellite mast.

But then the challenge came to find the exact enclosure I have used before for my other unit.. 🙁 bad luck out of production…

As I wanted two identically interfaces, I decided to build 2 new ones..





Some 3D printing was needed here, since I had a short on metal Capacitor mounts, I decided to make a simple 3D design and print them myself.. looks very nifty dont you think 😉rotcaps



A closer look at the inside interior, not much has changed here, only I replaced the screw type terminals to connectors, Easy to get the PCB in and out for repair if needed.

rotinside1 The Overal view of the interface, I really like these cabinets, they came from www.eltim.eu you can find them as MODU electronics cabinets, Economica.rotinside2


Second controller almost finished, just waiting for new PCB’s and BLUE/WHITE LCD’s! 🙂rotfront2



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