Aug 31

New Antenna System for HF

Previously I used a doublet antenna for 10/20m coaxial fed..
This antenna works fine, but the biggest disadvantage was changing wire antennas between 40m and 10/20m..

So I deciced to give a Symmetrical system a try.

I have bought a second hand Vectronics HFT-1500 tuner from a fellow ham, printed some clamps and a centerpiece for a ladderline fed dipole..

Drilled 2 holes for threaded rod into my windowframe.


The max length of the dipole legs are 8.5m, and I can tune 40 and up with ease.
I can not notice any performance drop compared to my old antenna, I even think this system slightly works better.

Some pictures of the new situation:


hft1500tuner 2016-08-10 21.03.18 2016-08-10 21.03.44 2016-08-10 21.09.19 2016-08-15 22.36.46 DSC03751t

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